Accessing the student manager

The student manager section of the Teacher Dashboard can be reached by clicking Students in the sidebar, or by following this link.

Viewing students

CodeDragon uses a friendly and navigable table for displaying students. You can select a column to sort the students by, by clicking the heading of that column. You can also use the search feature to search by username or date/time of creation.

Add a student

To add students individually, click the + New Student button. A modal will open with a form asking for a username and a password. Unlike with regular CodeDragon accounts, student accounts don't need any other details as they are technically anonymous and not connected to a real person in terms of the data stored about them.

The username you enter will have your school code prefixed to it, with a hyphen delimiter (e.g. xyz-myusername). You can type in your own username, or click Generate username to create a two word combination username automatically.

Similarly, you can type in your own password or click Generate password to automatically generate a secure password.

Once you've finished adding the student, click Add! to finish.

Importing students

If you have a large amount of students you wish to import, you can use the CSV import feature. Click the Import from CSV button to get started.

The CSV data you enter here should contain 2 columns and no more or less. Less than 2 columns will cause an error, and any columns after 2 will simply be ignored.

Follow the instructions mentioned in the modal to make sure your CSV is correctly formatted, and when you're ready click Add! The students that you imported will appear in the students table on the Teacher Dashboard.

Generating printable logins

It's sometimes useful to generate a sheet of randomised logins for your class, and hand them out before the lesson. This can easily be done through the Teacher Dashboard too - click Generate printable cards to get started.

Enter the amount of cards you'd like to generate. 6 cards will fit onto one sheet of A4 paper. When you're ready, click Generate.

In most browsers (including Google Chrome and Firefox), press Ctrl + P to print the cards. The students that you generated will appear in the students table on the Teacher Dashboard.